3D Interactive Model and Cutaway

Select to open the interactive model of no 22 Horsefair as it would have been in 1753 The Weavers Cottages Project included the development of several interactive interpretation schemes to help visitors understand and engage with the history of the cottages even though they can no longer visit them.

One of these schemes involved working with local historians Melvyn Thompson and Nigel Gilbert to build a picture of what the cottages may have looked like and how they were lived and worked in during their main period of activity in the 18th Century as weavers’ cottages.

Phil Kenning, of Kenning Illustration, then worked with the Trust to construct an interactive 3D model and a cut-away showing an internal view of No 22.

Select to view the a larger watercolour image of Horsefair as it would have been in 1753 Complementing this artwork is this water colour of The Horsefair as it may have been at that time.

This interpretation is an outstanding resource for schools and the community alike providing an insight into the life of a hand-loom weavers in Kidderminster at this time.