Weavers' Cottages Restoration Project

The Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust (WBPT) exists to help preserve important historic buildings that are otherwise at risk, and the Weavers’ Cottages certainly fall into that category. They represent the only remaining physical reminder of the bombazine weaving part of Kidderminster’s history, and are an important means of telling this important story to present and future generations.

The best way to provide a secure future for any historic building is to carry out sensitive repairs and convert it to suit a modern day use. The repair work also improves the image of the building for the benefit of its neighbourhood. Piano Building is a great example of where this has worked well – saving an important building threatened with demolition and converting it into the Kidderminster Academy.

A campaign by Kidderminster Civic Society over fifteen years ago resulted in the cottages being given statutory protection as listed buildings.

Over a period of 6 years the WBPT worked hard to provide a future for the Weavers' Cottages by:

  • Purchasing the buildings.
  • Leading volunteer working parties to clear the site,
  • Commissioning detailed design work by a team of professionals with expertise in building conservation led by architects Rodney Melville & Partners of Leamington Spa.
  • Formulating a scheme to repair the cottages and convert them for modern-day residential use, bringing the buildings back to life, providing town-centre housing and improving the physical environment and appearance of this area.
  • Obtaining planning permission and building consent.
  • Devising a plan of heritage-based activities to invite the local community to get involved and learn more about the history and stories associated with these cottages and the weaving industry in Kidderminster. This includes work with local schools and colleges, performing arts projects, talks about the buildings and the Project, and open days to see repair works in progress.
  • Appointing specialist contractors Croft Building and Conservation of Cannock to carry out the building work.
  • Securing funding in the form of loans and grant to make it all happen.

The Project Activity Coordinator was Sue Pope who took over from Ian Parkin.

The cottages were offered for for sale on the open market in May 2017 nd the sale was completed in early 2018. More details....